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It is not that easy to write about yourself…but I’ll give it a try.  A couple of years ago I have started to develop the TopCFO idea.  

I came up with the TopCFO idea as a natural extension of what I did and what I can and enjoy to do. Over the years I have learned a lot from different companies with different business models and different industries. This diversified business exposure got me the ability to see things right , this taught me to know what is proper and what is not for a specific case. 

Today we are here

This page is not about TopCFO it is about the one that stands behind this idea, it is about me.  So here we go, further below some things about me. 

Marius Daraban

I have started my career in 1998 after graduating Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest  where I have  studied business administration. The broad study subject has enabled me as a young student to understand the entire mechanism and the complex interrelations called a business. The business consulting activity allowed me to manage my time and be flexible. My flexible time allowed me to do my PhD in Economics.

I strongly believe that the classical , old way of considering the business support services as unproductive and business value consuming is obsolete, the modern 21st century business need to capitalize and use their dormant huge potential that is within their organization, the knowledge and experience of their employees. The knowledge capital , especially from the business support services, can make a huge difference in assuring the much-needed competitive and sustainable advantage in the today’s globalised markets.

My first contact with the finance world came from the controlling area, towards I developed a big passion because it shows the real reason beyond formal regulations of what is going on the business.

In time and with growing experience of leading teams  and managing more and more complex topics I started to aim topics like leadership, advanced business management and  financial and strategic management.

Other topics that I enjoy are strategy, financial management,management  accounting,  business planning and monitoring, business processes, IT systems (especially  ERP and BI) and HR management.

I worked in industries such as retail, telecommunications, services, logistics, consultancy,  production reaching top management positions which allowed me to streamline, restructure  and revitalize companies activities.

I am convinced about the fact that any small and mid sized company has a make or break  critical moment where ideal, professional solutions are needed . Big companies have their own weak point , the bigger the organization the higher the tendency to cut corners and avoid some of the “rules of the game”.

I have shared my know-how and experience with local companies, multinationals and big corporations. In this companies I learned a lot, I’ve led and learned the requirements and complexity of multinational companies and corporations where “a job well done” and creativity are crucial.

Currently as a senior finance and business executive I have over 15 years of experience in management,  strategic planning,management accounting,  value flow, finance, financing, planning , budgeting,  controlling , reporting, IT, business processes, business management and support, etc.

Over time I have learned that nothing is impossible, you only have to find the proper and ideal solution for that specific moment in time.

Admit your mistakes and don’t be afraid to learn out of them.

I am incurable optimist , for me the glass is always half full, even then when it is really  empty I see it as potential to be filled up.



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