Expense Reduction and Reporting

Expense reduction is an omnipresent and perfectly normal topic within businesses.  In the quest for improvement and gaining a better cost position companies create, promote and drive cost reduction programs.  Some of the programs are very complex and sophisticated and some are just simple plain … Continue reading

Budgeting process

What is the budget? What is a budgeting process? A budget is a very well known term used in the business world. What does it actually mean and why is it so important as everybody is saying? The budget is the formalized plan of what you intent to do with your available resources in the next … Continue reading

Training : Costing

Costs are defined as being something that you have to exchange for other goods and services that you need and do not posses.In the modern world costs are represented by the amount of money that you have to pay for other goods or services.Costs are given and easily to recognize and understand … Continue reading