TopCFO 2019 review – TOP25


We are back, back for more challenging consulting missions and interesting and exciting training sessions. I hope that you all had nice and fulfilling winter holidays and a very generous Santa !!!

Happy New Year and all the best for 2020 !!!

2019 was a very interesting year for TopCFO, challenging and exciting. We had a more than expected increase in consulting services and a predictable and sustainable increase in training services.  Also over the year 2019, we had some interesting postings that have raised interest. Further below there is the TOP25 of our best posts.

  1. Operational Analysis & Strategy
  2. Marius Daraban  – short bio
  3. Key Performance Indicators
  4. Research paper: Value theory and value-based management
  5. About TopCFO
  6. Business Management
  7. Finance Operations
  8. Endorsements
  9. TopCFO services
  10. Training: Finance for Non-Finance
  11. Strategic Management
  12. Research paper: Economic Value Added – A General Review of the Concept
  13. Management / Executive Services
  14. Strategic Planning
  15. Research paper: Outsourcing CFO activities as a competitive advantage
  16. Internal Audits
  17. CFO activities outsourcing as a competitive advantage – research paper presentation
  18. Research paper: Empirical approach to knowledge, knowledge economy and knowledge-based organizations
  19. 5W’s of TopCFO
  20. Training: Budget and budgeting process
  21. Research paper: Accounting as a 21st-century business value driver
  22. Business turnaround services
  23. Who needs TopCFO services
  24. Research paper: Management Accounting as a Knowledge-Based Organization Value Driver for the 21 st Century Business
  25. Budgeting process


The TOP25 has, however, a slight change in interest compared to last years, more and more interest is raised by posts about TopCFO. The academic research papers have received increased interest from business organizations and business professionals. For more research papers stay tuned and check back to has been reorganized, the content has been reshuffled and reorganized. Some resources hogs have been canceled and many more behind the scenes optimizations have been implemented and/or upgraded to assure more stable and quicker access to our website.

A big thank you to all our clients and potential clients, we learned a lot from the interaction with you that enables TopCFO to be even better as before.

All the best for the new decade and for the new year 2020.


Looking forward to your feedback, comments, and suggestions over social media.

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