TopCFO review 2015 -2016

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And we are back …it is nice to be back. As usual vacation is over quicker than expected

I hope you all had a great summer and recharged your batteries.

We start out with the TopCFO review 2015-2016 of the most clicked posts.

Over the last season (09.2015 – 08.2016) we had some interesting post that raised a lot of attention. Further below you can find our TOP25 of the most viewed links on

TopCFO review 2015 – 2016

  1. Key Performance Indicators
  2. Training
  3. Business Management
  4. FEP by TopCFO – Finance Excellence Program 2016
  5. TopCFO services
  6. About TopCFO
  7. Strategic Planning
  8. Investor presentations
  9. Finance Operations
  10. Strategic Management
  11. CFO activities outsourcing as competitive advantage – research paper presentation
  12. Restructuring/Rightsizing/Reengineering
  13. Management / Executive Services
  14. Financial projections
  15. CAPEX 101
  16. Equity & Debt Financing
  17. Why TopCFO services
  18. Period-End Closing Procedures
  19. Corporate Governance
  20. Who needs TopCFO services
  21. Operational Analysis & Strategy
  22. Performance Measurement
  23. Improve bottom line profitability
  24. Internal Audits
  25. Contract Negotiation

Also we have done some updates and tweaks for our homepage.

  • Menu has been re-organised and improved
  • we have added Disqus as a comment management system. Now you can login into Disqus with your Disqus, Facebook, Twitter or Google account and leave your comment and remarks for the TopCFO posts.
  • updated the about me page a little bit with more actual info
  • due to an software update now you can share posts also via WhatsApp ( works only if accessed by mobile device )
  • Endorsements page can be found at
  • Finance Excellence Program – FEP by TopCFO is the finance training concept for non finance professionals that want/need to understand better the finance world
  • many more optimisations and fine tuning behind the scenes


During the review period we had also a lot o visitors from all over the world, from Argentina to Sweden and from Japan to Canada. Most of the visitors had interest in the TopCFO content, thank you your visit and come back soon.

Some visitors have not been interested in the content, their interest was in disruption and hacking off all kinds of the site. The last visitor category I can not understand, what is the reason in being destructive, just for fun ?  Maybe it was just for fun or it was for whatever comprehensible reason. Anyhow, I thank my  legitimate visitors for their interest and trust in TopCFO and also I thank my disruptive visitors for giving me a chance to get better.

Stay tuned for further interesting posts and updates

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