Finance for Managers


Finance for Managers

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What is Finance for Non-Finance?

Finance for Managers is one of the many training topics promoted by TopCFO.

Finance for Managers is a training program designed and delivered by TopCFO that is bringing advanced financial aspects of the modern business closer to financial- and non-financial- managers.

Regardless of the managed business area a management role implies involvement and responsibilities in financial aspects.


Who can attend Finance for Managers?

Finance for Managers is primarily designed to target the modern, efficient, and up-to-date Manager that is acting in a complex and performant business organization where efficiency and profit are main goals.

Goal of Finance for Managers

The efficient and professional 21st century Manager is not only responsible for her/his core activities, financial aspects are part of the managers job and responsibilities. Therefore, the best possible understanding of financial aspects is critical for the 21st century efficient and profitable Manager.


Key learning points

  • better understanding of key roles of your finance organization, their involvement in the management process
  • better understanding and implications of basic accounting topics
  • financial statements and the management decision process
  • financing operation and growth
  • practical management decision tools
  • the time value of money and its implications in business management
  • project and investments evaluation concepts
  • and many more advanced business, finance and economics concepts


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