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Finance for Non-Finance

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What is Finance for Non-Finance?

Finance for Non-Finance is one of the many training topics promoted by TopCFO. Finance for Non-Finance is a training program designed and delivered by TopCFO that is bringing the financial aspects of the modern business closer to Non Financial professionals.


Who can attend Finance for Non-Finance?

Finance for Non-Finance is primarily designed to target the modern, efficient and up-to-date non-Finance Professionals, non-Finance (Junior, Middle, Senior) Managers and Entrepreneurs that need to cope and understand the requirements of the corporate finance and business world.


The goal of “Finance for Non-Finance” 

The modern 21st-century business organizations have to create value for its shareholders by leveraging and capitalizing on the knowledge of their employees. The competitive business advantage is essential for today’s business organizations. created by the proper usage of aligned knowledge and information of their business environment. Today’s business environment has become more complex with more demanding requirements from areas like product development, marketing measures, capital markets, financial institutions, time management, leadership, etc.

Finance for Non-Finance is bringing the complex world of finance closer to Non-Finance Professionals by “translating” the complex finance language and bringing it closer to all non-finance professionals regardless of junior-, middle- or senior – level.

Key learning points

  • a better understanding of the key roles of a modern finance organization
  • have a better understanding of basic accounting topics
  • understand costs and costs behavior
  • understand and follow basic costing
  • read, understand and analyze financial statements
  • be able to create and follow up a fact-based budget
  • understand and follow the cash through the business processes and optimize the involved processes

All training sessions are uniquely designed and customized for your organization needs and demands.

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