5W’s of TopCFO

The 5Ws of TopCFO are trying to give more details about our way of doing and acting on things. So here we go …


What are TopCFO services ?

What are TopCFO services ? Well it is quite easy , it’s our headline, TopCFO services are CFO services made easy. We offer a full range of management,business and finance consulting services with focus on the non-core activities the so-called business support services.


Who needs TopCFO services?

Who needs TopCFO services ? Companies do need the knowledge, expertise and outside view of an external consultant for the same reason, all of them want to evolve and get assurance that they are on the right track with their actions and doings.


When are TopCFO services taking place ?

Anytime you need them …your business is our first priority and therefore we move in for support and advice as quick as possible.


Where are TopCFO services offered ?

Where ever you need us…issues that need support are where your business is …therefore we are happy to give support anywhere you need us.


Why TopCFO services?

Why TopCFO services ? Because we have the knowledge to solve and understand your business issues. Our knowledge is backed up by more than 15 years of real life experience in various organisations and business models with different business types in modern and complex business environments. The knowledge is also backed up high level of research information that is obtained and validated through the academic environment and high academic degrees, PhD.


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