Best wishes from TopCFO

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The last part of 2016 has been quite busy for us with training sessions and consulting mission for various companies with different needs.

All of this companies have one thing in common, all of them needed TOP professional support in finance matters that we could gladly give and assure.

2016 has been and interesting year for TopCFO, where we have learned a lot from our clients and from our actions. The year has started slow but we finished full speed.

Some of the highlights of 2016 are :

We are looking forward to 2017 to establish TopCFO even more as the 1st contact and source for financial matters.

Starting 19.12.2016 we are on vacation until the 16.01.2017.

In the meantime we are working also on other new topics that will be released next year. Any messages are more than welcome and will be answered in short time.

Happy holidays and have a great winter vacation !!!


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