Training : Cash & Cash Flow management

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Cash and cash flow management is the utmost important activity of any company or business organization.cf_1

As mentioned in an previous post on cash flow , cash and cash flow is important for the existence of a business and must be treated very careful.

Unfortunately the cash and cash flow management is not a very easy thing to do because of the many other topics that can have an influence.

Cash and cash flow management complexity is increasing the more complex the business process organization is.

Imagine that if the business is your car than your cash is your fuel and the cash flow are the pipes that lead the fuel to the right place of your car in order to make it move.

Exactly like your car it has to have a proper flow of fuel to be able to function correctly and take you where you intend to go.

Cash is the driver of your business and cash flow makes your business go forward; the speed and acceleration of the movement is based on how well you can manage your cash and cash flow.

Cash and cash flow must be planned and managed in a broader context called strategic and operational planning. The cash and cash flow planning is a part of your budget that shows you the available and needed cash and cash equivalent resources that support your present and future business actions

If you want professional help in transforming the spreadsheet number crunching called cash and cash flow into a TOP TOOL that supports your business get in touch with TopCFO , . TopCFO can support any business in transforming their spreadsheets into a TOP business TOOL .

So why is it important to have some training on cash and cash flow ?

It is important to understand your cash and cash flow because of all above arguments that will enable your a clear and better understanding of cash and cash flow.

During our training sessions on cash and cash flow we will discuss topics like cash , cash flow , means of planning and managing cash , steering and improving cash ,  cash drives, etc.

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