CFO activities outsourcing as competitive advantage – research paper presentation

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The advantages and disadvantages of services outsourcing are well known and well established.research

What about the outsourcing of non standard services ? The scope of outsourcing is usually the cost perspective. What about outsourcing because of better resource allocation ? You do not want to bind your resources and  invest time in certain activities that you need but could outsource, right ? To be better than your competition you have to go the extra mile, do more effort in pursuing you targets. You have to get creative with regards to already existing business processes to get the certain extra advantage , you have to be innovative to gain a certain competitive business advantage.

To assure for your business the needed competitive advantage outsourcing is one way to go. In the 21st century globalised competitive economy you have to compete with companies that are not necessary located on the same continent, have the same market business rules and regulations nor have the same access to resources.

In the modern 21st business environment it is not needed to own all resources needed for your business, it is more important that you can influence and use all business resources.

Therefore the option to outsource can be regarded also as a strategic decision and direction for your business that enables you to optimise the usage of scarce resources.

Over time I have posted some ideas related to the topic of CFO activities outsourcing. Those past posts can be found here, here and here.

Thinking “outside the box” can get you the certain advantage in business. How this certain advantage can be achieved is presented in the research paper.

The background of the research paper is the more and more present outsourcing 2.0 that is the knowledge based services outsourcing.

I have presented a research paper with the topic of CFO activities outsourcing  at the 23rd International Economic Conference – IECS 2016 “The Competitive Economic and Social Environment of the International Market”

The presentation of the paper can be found here published on the platform.

The full paper will be made available as soon it will be published by the publishing house.

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