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Finance for Non-Finance and EVA© training sessions have been the first step of a long journey for our organization’s non-finance and finance professionals. These complex concepts have been customized for our specific needs and perfectly delivered by TopCFO through the direct, friendly, knowledgeable and professional way of doing business and delivering services.

TopCFO always recommended for TOP results.

Mihaela Dumitrescu

Finance for Non-Finance

For non-financial managers, to learn the financial concepts is a great way to improve the skills and abilities of managing the financial aspects of a business in addition to helping them in understanding about the various financial reports for making important business decisions. TopCFO placed the most important stone on the road we intend to follow, approaching a friendly and easy to understand manner

Alina Radulescu

It’s like in sports …

Fact is that in sports every day we need to train and work with a coach to guide our evolution and performance !
TopCFO offers high expertise regarding business management and Finance Operations that can help companies stay up to date with daily activity and increase performance of any business in a professional way.

Carla Cretan

Great value added services

Covering a large range of executive and financial topics, TopCFO addresses real life situations and challenges. Contemporary market complex competition and sophisticated realities require mandatory financial & strategic full expertise for all business sizes. In this respect, the strong experience of TopCFO professionals is a must in daily management projects and one-off deals, as well.

Iulian Gheorghe

Excellent source of information

I read constantly articles posted on TopCFO blog, especially those which are in my area of interest. I found it there many times, interesting and valuable information’s who helped me to develop the business for my customers.
I strongly recommend the professional advises TopCFO provides and which can offer to anyone involve in business management basis to strategic decisions.

Traian Moga

Tailored strategic financial consultancy

TopCFO provides value added financial consultancy that supports strategic decision making. It provides the opportunity of SMEs that do not require a full time CFO to gain the same benefit with significantly lower costs.

The value added services provided by TopCFO are fully tailored to the customer’s needs and the solution presented is supported by effective user trainings.

I strongly recommend the professional advice TopCFO provides as it is the result of strong expertise in all areas of financial management and strategy combined with relevant experience in successful projects.

Radu Suciu, ACMA, CGMA

Well done!

Well structured information presented on o friendly manner. Can bring added value to any professional that work on finance. Well done!

Bogdan Florea

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