Training : Finance for Non Finance

Finance for Non Finance is an omnipresent topic all over the business world and it should be part of the basic 21-st century education.FNF

Finance and all finance related topics can be sometimes difficult to understand. The today’s knowledge driven businesses are integrated with more and more finance terms and actions.

During our training sessions we will “translate” the finance language into non finance language that is easy and useful for anyone that is not doing finance.

We will approach topics like how to read and understand financial statements, basic accounting terms , basic cash flow and cash management, understanding cost , etc.

You will be able to understand and read clearly a the financial statements of any company , you will be able to understand better how your “non-finance” actions can and will influence your companies financials and you will be able to talk and attend any finance  and accounting discussion more confident because of the better understanding of the finance world.

For more about the 2018 Finance for Non Finance topic, inquiries, quotation requests please get in touch with us.

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