Organizational Business Coaching

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The OBC ( Organizational Business Coaching ) seminar is designed by Antoniu Radu , one of the TopCFO new and respected trainers and consultants.

Content of OBC 

  • Welcome / Ice-Breaking / Warming Up
  • SELF MANAGEMENT – awareness
  • Identifiable obstacles
  • Corporate organizational illness/diseases
    • Leadership styles / 14 Basic Rules / Quick Rules
    • FIVE FINGERS HIGH – case study
    • Leadership sayings
    • Public Speaking in Leadership
    • The role of self-image and reputation of the company in the leadership process
  • Ideal corporate principles
  • Recruiting and retention
  • assessment and stimulative feedback
  • Detection of dissimulated behavior

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Antoniu Radu
Antoniu Radu

I have over 20 years of experience in holding top management positions within large private companies with turnovers starting from 10 MEUR up to more than 1 bln. EUR.

I have graduated Franz Keim Vienna and Hermann Oberth German Highschool Bucharest , followed by ASE Bucharest (State Academy of Economic Studies), FABIZ with major in Business Administration in German language. Also as a certified translator for German and English, I could be always up to date with professional news and publications published internationally.

Over time I have held various top management positions in Romanian subsidiaries of large international companies, such as:

  • CFO – ASTA Medica ( DEGUSSA Group  – Germany) – pharmaceutical industry
  • CFO – MSD MERCK SHARP & DOHME ( MSD Group  – USA) – pharmaceutical industry
  • CFO – EXPAND HEALTH Romania ( EXPAND Infosante Group  – France) – pharmaceutical industry
  • CFO & Deputy Managing Director – BILLA Romania ( REWE Group– Germany) – retail industry
  • CFO & Managing Director – PENNY MARKET Romania (REWE Group– Germany) – retail industry
  • CEO & President of the Board – CITY PHARMA ( Hermes Pharma Group – Romania) – pharmaceutical industry
  • CFO, Business & Management Advisor – COLAS RAIL ISAF SA ( BOUYGUES Group – France) – infrastructure construction
  • Administrative National Director , member of the Board of Directors  / Management – LIDL Romania , including work induction experience at LIDL Germany and LIDL Ireland ( SCHWARZ Group– Germany) – retail industry

I have been also active as elected Vice President of AMRCR (Association of Large Retail Chains in Romania), as well as a honorary member of FABIZ Business Council (ASE Bucharest) .

I am the holder of an European patent for a smart shopping trolley.

Recently, I have shaped my Business Coaching Activity, by developing and promoting an Organizational Business Coaching seminar, based on leadership diagnosis and healing strategies.


For more details like training content, schedule, location, pricing, contracts, bookings, etc please get in touch

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