Research paper : Accounting as a 21st century business value driver

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Accounting is just a must have impose by state authorities ? Accounting is only time and resource consuming ?

I would say the accounting of the 21st century is much more than this .

The full research paper text can be found online here on and here on the Publisher site.


Companies have focused for decades on maximizing the value creation process of direct productive business
activities. The information revolution has left its mark and has started an irreversible transformation of classical business
processes and activities. In the new 21st century information and data driven society, commodity is value and knowledge,
making Porters value chain concept an important key factor for successful and innovative businesses. Business value creation
was during the industrial revolution a topic strictly liked to direct productive activities. The increased and transformed
business environment required innovative and sustainable competitive advantages for business organizations. The indirect
productive business activities, and the business support services have been considered business value consuming and having
no contribution towards the company value chain. 21st century accounting has evolved from the role of record keeper to a
business value driver that assures and contributes to the company value chain by using its internal knowledge pool. The
existing scientific publications are approaching accounting from different perspectives and support the main conclusion of
the paper: accounting, in the 21st century is not a “bean counter” anymore, accounting is a certain and consistent business
value driver


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