Research paper : Management Accounting as a Knowledge Based Organization Value Driver for the 21 st Century Business

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Management accounting  is an interesting topic , challenging to implement and to follow up.

The published research can be accessed and read on-line

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The 21 st century information and information technology revolution has made its mark on classical business functions like business support services. Management accounting, a still young business activity has transformed from reactive cost determination focus to proactive value creating and considerate resource business driver. Management accounting is on the way to asserting itself as a proactive business value driver for the modern 21 st century business organisations. The present paper is presenting the arguments that support the transformation of management accounting from the ” bean counter ” score keeping role to value driver supported by knowledge, the prime commodity of the 21 st century business environment. Management accounting is the business partner that delivers reliable and accurate data and information for the business decision process that is more and more influenced globalisation, internationalisation and accelerating and dynamic markets. Can modern companies afford to disregard the dormant value drivers from within their own business organisation?

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