The hidden business value – evidence from the Romanian business environment

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Companies do everything possible to assure and gain the best competitive advantage in order to thrive in an complex , changing and fast paced business environment.

The quest for the decisive and distinct competitive advantage is complex and difficult enough especially when considering the challenges of the 21st century information age that is driven by data, information and knowledge.

The research is highlighting several elements of the “new economy” – the information economy and their acceptance and perception by the Romanian business environment.

One major source of business related data, information and knowledge still remains untapped, it remains hidden from the business.

Do business organizations make use of this untapped , hidden business value stemming from within their own organization, from their own business support services ?

Are the Romanian operating business organizations still driven by the “industrial age” management philosophy or was the management paradigm shift driven by the information age already been adopted ?

Are the business support services creating business value for their own business organizations ? How is this value monitored , assessed and benchmark-ed ?
Is the economic value creation important in the context of the information age ? What can companies do to tackle, manage and benefit from this ?

These are just some answers that modern, highly efficient and dynamic business organizations have to answer and solve.

The 1st edition of the review is providing answers to the acceptance and perception of the Romanian business environment regarding the hidden business value resulting from the usage of a massive data, information and knowledge source from within their own organization , their business support activities.

The full research can be downloaded from ResearchGate here

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