TopCFO 2020 review
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2020 is close to its end and that means for TopCFO there is the exact time for a review of 2020, the year that was “special”.
During this year the TopCFO activity had to reinvent and transform itself due to the global pandemic that has affected all of us.

Through the year we had a lot o challenges and interesting projects. Compared to the previous year the focus has shifted from one-time , one-off projects to ongoing medium and long term consulting projects.

During 2020 TopCFO as a company has been recognized and appreciated by our clients that had different and challenging support needs.

At the beginning of the year we still had a lot of training sessions on interesting topics. Due to the global pandemic , many of the contracted training sessions have been canceled, postponed or moved into online sessions. During this period video conferencing took off and covered most of our time.

Starting with the 2nd quarter of the 2020 year WFH consulting and on site consulting missions grew in volume and complexity. Many of the contracted consulting engagements are still on-going or have their start date in 2021. The scope of the consulting engagements has increased in reach and complexity due to the unusual work conditions determined by the pandemic.

Usually during and crisis , like this pandemic, many irregularities are surfacing and disturb or disrupt the regular daily business operations.  Some companies take this as an opportunity to evolve and to improve , some recognize their organizational issues and try to address them and some just ignore everything hoping it will go away.

From all the clients that we have worked with during 2020 we learned a lot and hopefully we managed to determine or trigger  some change withing their organizational mindset.

Thank you all for giving us the opportunity to improve and to evolve together.

We are looking forward to see you all in 2021 with even more challenging and interesting projects.

Have great winter holidays and a great upcoming new year 2021.

Looking forward to your feedback, comments, and suggestions over social media.

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