Training : Costing

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Costs are defined as being something that you have to exchange for other goods and services that you need and do not posses.

In the modern world costs are represented by the amount of money that you have to pay for other goods or services.

Costs are given and easily to recognize and understand if you are the buyer , you just ask the seller for a quotation or for the price.

The more complex an activity is getting the more complex it is to understand all involved costs.

Therefore costing is an important activity that assures that all involved costs in any business or activity are properly assigned and accounted.

Costing is the activity undertaken to assign costs to an element of an business. The assigned costs can be real/ actual or estimated costs.

A business has most of the times as an ultimate goal and purpose to create value for its shareholders through maximized profitability and efficiency. Therefore costs are the most important topic for any business. Costing should be understood and applied in order to assure correct pricing, profits and efficiency.

The TopCFCO costing workshop will be bring the cost and costing concepts closer to the involved professionals.

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