Training – Finance for Managers -really ?

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As a manager many issues and responsibilities are on your plate to solve and to manage. Most of the issues are emerging mainly from the operational activity and do not reflect the overall business goal. Most of the daily issues are here because of self-imposed rules and regulations.

As a manager you often have to play firefighter for daily business issues and do not have sufficient time for the MANAGEMENT aspect of your activity that supports the main goal of the business , to created value for its shareholders.

Every action, decision or choice you make as a manager has financial and business consequences therefore influencing the business outcome and result.

Many advanced finance topics have a major influence in the way you as a manager are managing your activity. Concepts like time value of money , economic value or just the general concept of value has to be understood best in order to have the best understanding of your decisions. Residual income, value driven KPI’s and financial statements analysis are just some of the concepts that will be approached during our Finance for Managers training sessions.

The Finance for Managers by TopCFO is presenting advanced concepts of finance, business and management in a friendly and simple manner that improves your management style and your management performance overall.

Through the understanding of the advanced concepts and their implications the business will be more efficient with a better management decision process.

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