Creating Business Value – a modern management approach

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One of the main purposes of any business organization is to create value for its shareholders.

What are the means to create value for your business? What does it imply to create value?

There are several definitions of value and economic value but none of them are offering a clear concise image. Even less clear it becomes when we dig down to the core elements of what economic value is and how it is created.

Let’s assume we are creating value for our business, how can we measure it, how do we get a baseline ? Value driven key performance indicators are just one tool to asses and benchmark the value creating process.

Economic value creation is a complex and deep reaching process that implies and involved many aspects of business management and business decision process. It is a process that needs a deep rethinking of management philosophy and organization of business.

Even though the economic value creation process is difficult and complex the benefits are outweighing the efforts.

The above mentioned concepts are just some of the concepts that will be disclosed and explained during our training sessions.

Creating business value – a modern management by TopCFO is a training program that empowers your business organization to be more efficient and competitive by assuring a sustainable competitive advantage through economic value creation.

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