Organisational structure assessment : adjust or bust


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Organisations are “living” entities that evolve and react to their surrounding factors. Some organisations react and change in an much faster pace than others. When talking about business r
organisations there is no exception. Organisations are influenced by their surrounding factors regardless of their size and age. Here I can only mention the not so old Enron, Nokia, Arthur Andersen, etc . All of the mentioned organisations were big solid organisations with worldwide reach and coverage. It is true that the reasons of why the mentioned organisations do no exist anymore are different, fact is the organisations did not react and evolved in sync with their surrounding factors.

Business organisations of the 21st century face a difficult task , to match the current requirements and to maintain their heritage, tradition and values.

The 21st century requires that especially business organisations reinvent themselves and match the increasing speed of technological development and resulting transformations of “old classical” concepts.

Going one step deeper , at micro level in an business organisation sometimes it happens that things do not go as expected and it is hard for you to find out why.

One of the reasons of why you can not find out why your organisation is not performing as expected is simple, you got too much involved the day to day business and have missed the bigger picture. You have been caught in the chaos of daily routine that require more and more attention and efforts to stay afloat due to ever changing surrounding.

For sure at this stage your nicely set up and find tuned processes are a little , if not more , off and you think what is wrong , why is the outcome not the expected one.

At this stage it is time to make one step back and analyse the big picture , look at what has changed , what has affected your business. This step back usually means that on top of the daily routine you have to allocate resources and time to look and evaluate the internal and external factors that have changed.

Usually it is a good idea to get external help for the reassessment of  your organisational structure. It is time to call TopCFO .

An organisational assessment is a systematic process for obtaining valid information about the performance of an organisation and the factors that affect performance.

It differs from other types of evaluations because the assessment focuses on the organisation as the primary unit of analysis rather than the business focus.

TopCFO will look at your organisation for the perspective of your business , because that is the reason of existence of your organisation.

Our approach will have the business perspective in focus but follow the Institutional and Organisational Assessment Model by Universalia.

Source: Universalia Institutional and Organisational Assessment Model (IOA Model)

The outcome of the IOA model will be an actual image of your organisation. Based on that image we’ll develop a series of recommendations that will improve and develop your organisation.

The main goal after the application of the IOA model is that your business is doing much better . Your organisation will emerge as an better and improved organisation after the contact of TopCFO.

We will guide you through the needed transformation and support your organisational change management.

Get in touch with us for your first TopCFO engagement.

Do your first step towards the TOP with TopCFO, get in touch and we will take it from there.




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